Monday, 1 June 2009

Bird by bird....

Get in. It's 23.44 as I type this sentence which can only mean one thing....I'm on target for completing my June goal... a blog a day for the entire month. It is with regret that I have made it to the 6th month of the calender and have managed a pitiful three to date. A small child would laugh in the face of three but I ask the question; will you be laughing in thirty three posts time small child? Didn't think so.

I happened upon a book at work today which promised to teach me something about life and writing. I'd say two pages in, it had a fair shot at both. The book, 'bird by bird' was titled such as a father whispered the word's ' take it bird by bird buddy, bird by bird' to his son who was surrounded by an overwhelming next day essay deadline. The essay was of course, on the topic of feathered birds. Just wanted to clear that up. I liked the sentiment a lot though. I like the fact there's a Dad out there who said those words to his son and there's a daughter who used them to title her book. It applies to writing, of course it does - live the wordcount in nuggets but so too life I think.....a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.

Caz out before 12.

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