Thursday, 4 June 2009

Richer for running and all that jazz...

I must keep this short as today I blog on the hoof. I have dinner with friends in a mere 20mins planned followed by my monthly trip to The Continental's open mic for dessert. I will of course be there amongst the finest not think me an excentric thespian type to pitch on my todd, drink brandy all evening and make eccentric hand gestures to myself in the corner. Nope, but twil no doubt be a most civilised and social affair as it always is with much of the Broadgate masseef showcasing anything from poetry to beatboxing. There should be more nights of the like around I think, though after all the Britain's got talent hoo-haa, perhaps you'd prefer a quiet night in with a rich tea and a roiboos, who knows.

I must also quickly give a cheeky plug to that most arduous of sports; running. It's such a pain to desire but such a joy to have done. To the friends who I run with; you make my life richer and keep me in the game. To those who I don't run with, have a word, get thee some sneakers and merrily into the skyline shall we run (as the theme tune from Rocky plays us sweetly into the sun set) Oh yes peoples, come live the dream. Anon my freinds, anon.

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