Thursday, 11 June 2009

How hectic?

Can you handle it? It's been a fully hectic day. Hectic has in fact been the word of the day. But not hectic in the British sense, hectic in the South African sense, whereby any thing/person/situation that is in any way full on/crazy/intense will get dubbed as such. Phrases such as "that dude's hectic" may be used to describe an extrovert or "check at that dudes hair, it's hectic bro" in relation to say a sizeable fro or even a wig. Sentences such as are uttered at what some (myself) might say is an overused amount by my South African co-host at Preston fm. Now don't get me wrong, I love the boy dearly and the magical land from which he hails but I had to draw the line today when he used the word to describe the incredibly slow software on the computers at the station. I was like "how is it hectic if something's slow? have a word" to which he replied "Yah, but it being so slow then makes it hectic if you know what I mean". No friend, not sure I do but I know this; any more of your hecticness and I'm making you a little box, like a swear box. That way if I must suffer at the hands of hectic, I might as well make me a Rand or two in the process. Flip, maybe I'll save the air fair to join you 'O's' for the world cup next wouldn't that be hectic!?

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