Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Made up words

Perhaps I am cheating a little with today's post, seeing as I copied and pasted it from a comment I made on someone else's blog regarding made up words. But I like made up words so much, don't you? and I thought perhaps myself, and the six of you, could embark on a random word adventure whereby we share our wordy gems (in much the same way we do whenever we meet.) Here's what I wrote...

Made up words definately constitute a sizeable number of my favourite words to date. I am however slightly disapointed that 'discombobulation' is not a made up word; when I first heard my friend use it some years ago I was absolutely convinced it simply must be. I wonder who got to decide that that lovely set of letters strung together in such a comedy fashion, could be an 'official' word. I'd like to shake his/her hand. For all out random and not even close to heading dictionaryward, I'm going for the word 'crocabamboonie' - a word we made up as kids to describe my Dad's shoes....go figure!

I therefore challenge the rest of you to top this word - I doubt you can; I think we can all be adult about this and accept that I might just have the edge over you, but it's OK - we all have to start somewhere ;) Until the morrow my friends....think on.

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  1. Unfortunately most of my made up words fall into the insult category (don't look so surprised) and I'm struggling to think of anything clean...

    ...in the meantime, enjoy these office favourites:

    Miniscopluar - invented when miniscule is too big and microsopic is too small. It's that inbetween size.

    And also:
    Exactly-ish: when you are 99% sure about something