Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson - my initial thoughts.

Of all the blogs in all the world, I'd say there was a pretty good chance that most of them today will be paying tribute to the late Mr Michael Jackson.

It was late last night that I heard what had happened as I came downstairs to find my house mates watching the breaking news. I just saw 'Michael Jackson, heart attack' and it took me a few seconds to realise he had died. It was so hard to believe. Such strange news almost, so unexpected; a fact without a feeling. I felt very little apart from bewilderment. Sharon too was strangely unperturbed. I reminded her how only a few months ago we were busy attempting to learn the moves to his Thriller routine (not just the two of us I have to say - a group strange enough to incline.) It's like Michael Jackson was just this guy who existed who none of us knew but everyone knew. My other house mate, Emma, commented on the strangeness of it all when a celebrity passes away because you aren't close to them but they're so ingrained into your culture you can't help but wonder just how affected culture will be. Sharon also mused over a link between Michael's death, Jade Goody's death and the general collapse of the economy and all the leadership that goes with it. An icon, the 'people's princess'/celebrity and the very structure we placed so much financial faith in. Is it merely a coincidence that so many whom society have looked up to, have left a gap which seems to be widening fast? Perhaps not. Sharon wondered if now was the turn of the 'little' people. Of the stories of those living in hardcore realities; kids smuggled through Afghanistan and the like. Will we start to look outward and not the perceived upward? Caz knows not.

A different reaction to my house mates hit me though once back at the parental units. When I asked how my Mum's day had been, she replied how sad she'd been about Michael Jackson. As she pointed out, he was her age. A weird thought but I guess it brings home how young he was. She had always felt for the guy, felt he was a tormented soul, never knowing who to trust. She was angered by the media and their total admiration of him now he's gone. How could they be so two faced after the sheer number of lies and mileage they got out of harassing him? "If only Michael could hear their kind words now", she said. Even if he could though, he wouldn't be too impressed I doubt. The media are fickle and have to do, say and print what sells. And while I don't mean to be the biggest cynic, I hope many too will note the media's lack of backbone. An 'upward' lesson I think for all, an outward one I hope for more and for those with a genuine admiration for the man, you have my heartfelt condolences.

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