Sunday, 28 June 2009

From the 'Stock to the 'Shire

My laptop smells of fire. Hardly surprising, though I should like it more if it smelt of hot man or Turkish delight, but that would just be distracting. Fire's good. It's a strangely pleasant smell don't you think? Takes you back to good times I wreckon. Anyone else who was a Girl Guide will know what I'm talking about. Good times indeed. I had my first 'shmore' in the girl guides (toasted marshmallow squished betwixt two chocolate digestives) and my first toasted choc banana (not quite as tasty as the former but a delicacy none the less). It was never the same in winter toasting marshmallows over tea lights. They were always to neat with a distinct lack of charcoal and green stick flavour. Give me the hard stuff every time.

Anyway, let's talk about sand for a while. I took myself to St.Anne's beach this afternoon in pursuit of some me and God time. It didn't disappoint. I was however deeply perturbed by the sinister ability of sand to just get literally everywhere - I mean I was fully clothed darn it! Whatever, if I have to pick sand from my ipod and car for the next however long I can handle it for the worth it factor. A surprise meet up at Wrea Green with my beautiful friend Abi then followed. Oh how I love her and her gorgeous house in the sticks. I would like a house in the sticks but as I have said before, I would also like it to be made of sticks. Well, not actual sticks, wood but we all know where wood comes from.

I am heading down to Oxford tomorrow to spend time with my homeboys. The three of us are Blackburnites but some of us are more true to our routes than others - they'll know what I'm talking about. One's back from his new life in Australia and we're visiting the other in the 'Shire so I'll let you do the maths. But I forgive them. Besides, they didn't do punting trips in Blackburn last time I checked. So bring on the heatwave I say and some messing around on the river. And as for the 'Cat Empire' gig on Wednesday, they're gonna be SWEEEEET. I could evangelise at length about this lot but I'll let youtube do the talking if you'd care to get acquainted. I may have to give myself holiday grace on the blogging front too. With a mere two days to go and an unblemished record that's nearly killed me, it seems a shame to 'fail' at the last hurdle but that's grace for you; it counts not your wrongs. We shall see what the next days bring. I hope for grace.

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  1. Hey Cazbah! When are ya gonna blog again hon?! Where ya been chuck?! I've been keeping up my bloggin' every day - except one I missed - you inspired me when ya came to visit! Anyway, I hope you're ok my duck. write soon! lovelove, M.x