Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Impaired creatures and not many other matters.....

Between a typically long overseas phone call and a date with a bottle of hair dye do I write my blog this eve. I'm not sure that I have any deep profound pearls to provoke, amuse or outrage but I will say this....always ensure the number on the bottle corresponds with the number on the box...girls, you know what I'm talking about.

I discovered at my friends house this evening that I have a particular affinity with blind grey hounds. Well, perhaps it was just her blind grey hound but after my lack of success regarding the bonding process between myself and the cat our house has adopted, it made me feel there was a pet loving pang of compassion in me somewhere, even if it was hidden deep. Perhaps I would bond with our cat more if it had some form of impairment - losing bodily fluids randomly around the house however, does not count.

I like the story my friend told me about the time she was dog-sitting. The dog was small white and deaf. At which point she felt it would be suitable to take the dog for a winter walk in the snow, I really couldn't say or explain. Neither could the dog it turned out after being estranged from her walker for some time. Ahhh, the stories I could tell if only we owned a truly impaired animal....a trip to the RSPCA soon perhaps roomies?

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