Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bluebell basics

What an altogether charming day it has been. I remembered how fun it is to be in the presence of little ones first thing. Though some might find it a little odd that a small child is watching them as they wake (OK, some who are not mummies and daddies I mean) it just amused me. You see, Amelie, (my house mates little niece) who slept over with her big sister has such a beautifuly cheeky charm and you just can't knock her defiance. It turns out she had asked to come into my room, was told 'no' as that would waken me, but was obviously convinced otherwise and just came and stood at the foot of my bed. As I opened my eyes, to her excitement, she then ran downstairs to inform her favourite auntie that Caz was awake. "Did you wake her?" said auntie Shaz with a face I imagined sported a raised eyebrow. After a long pause and a face I imagined looked very much like a sheeps, she simply said "Yes". But, despite today being my first lie-in for what's felt like forever, I have to say it felt nice to be loved and wanted awake. Then beaten with a pillow and tickled.

Still in my pj's, I found myself scouring our shed for garden tools and we each grabbed something that might possibley help us in our quest to plant blubells in the back garden. An incredibley simple task to the more green fingered no doubt but for the sake of the little ones and their keeness to get stuck in, I had a go at pretending I was, in fact, the next Charlie Dimmock (minus the boobs). Meanwhile, Shaz quizzed Google to check I was even planting the bulbs the right way round. Spot the genius. Anyhow, they're planted of a fashion now and perhaps my cat won't dig them up and will kindly water them for us instead - eww!

Then this afternoon was happily me, myself and i-pod, God, the clouds and flip flops as I lay in the park and had nowhere else to be except there. The very best kind of appointments these are. I would like to have more of these appointments. I would like to sleep now.

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  1. Sounds lovely. Apart from early-morning children, which I don't do too well with. Though I suppose I'll have to learn. Sigh.