Saturday, 27 June 2009

I need an axeman...

This evening I blog from the great outdoors. Some might not think two feet from the back door is anything to write home about but perhaps you will be more impressed when I tell you I single-handedly built myself a fire in the chiminear with only one match and no firelighters in sight. Nope?.... just me then. It’s so lovely being out here at night time. There are no stars to speak of but fairy lights hang from the canopy above me and I hear the sweet strumming of a guitar playing Roo (Emma’s boyfriend) from the living room. But just me and my fire is making me happy. My only concern is the lack of mediocre sized wood. There’s a log pile here and an axe but a distinct lack of brawn for the chopping. As is, I have to get enough of the little fellas burning before I can hope they will set the mother log on fire. Like going from first to third gear without stalling I imagine – a risky business I think you’ll agree. The leg of an old chair is bridging the gap nicely for now though; thanks for lending us those chairs for our Christmas party Lydia, seems their real season pleasers.

The earth smelt good today too. I was foolish in thinking the air would be fresh following the storm this morning and set off on my usual running route with a spring in my step. Turned out, fresh not so much but a deep muggy heat quickly engulfed me or perhaps it just felt that way a couple of K’s in. Either way, it was a heat almost rising from the ground; a thick, lingering heat. A heat I would have much to whinge about if not for the richness in scents it brought. As I approached the shadowed tree lined walk way, the smell of garlic and wet wood mixed was truly beauteous and I was a little bit thankful to be alive and free. I used my freedom to walk and explore a little bit more than usual and fuelled my running of the home stretch with some Coldplay anthems. We all need them from time to time – Coldplay and home stretches I think. For now though, my blog is home stretching as I see to this lovely fire of mine. It is very lovely.

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