Saturday, 6 June 2009

Flying weddings and airwaves

So The open mic night on Thurs was a real joy to the eardrums and soul. My personal favourite act of the evening was a guy I've never seen there before who played the guitar with such technical skill and prowess, I have to say he was in a whole other league. I fear though, he may be the start of the open mic turning too 'pro' for us little people to flow with the bobbins, but I guess as the compare continues with his bad jokes and while there's ukelele playing of a beautifully odd variety, none of us need be intimidated.

So yesterday. It's time to admit there's only so many times I can sing 'five little men in a flying saucer' with the nursery kids before my sanity frays and the desire to be flown moonward myself becomes gravitational. Well, that's perhaps a little extreme but Caz does need some new material none the less. I'm surprised how many nursery songs have stood the test of time; 'wind a bobbin up' and 'the wheels on the bus' can still be heard echoing down the corridor - you know you remember them. If anyone however does have something original, please fling my way. My attempt to introduce 'boomchikaboom' was met with some confusion.

And to last night. A quick supergirl type change from librarian to wedding guest and I was soon heading over to the 'Do in the sticks' in my usually organised fashion; the write the card on the knee en-route and hope for legibility. My hopes were not misplaced though and not too shabby a result ensued (even if I do say so). To be 1/5th of a car load was a bonus too; the old Caroline 'and guest' add on that featured on the invite could have been unpleasant if not for my friendly climbing types banding together and making it a party. And that it was....some post lasagna grooving to dolly Parton and dance offs for cheap Lambrini (said as if there's the expensive kind) made sure of that. It was disappointing to see a distinct lack of climbing dance moves I have to say, perhaps we need more practice down at the wall first.

I received a text around 11pm informing me I had a pre-record radio show to do this morning at 11am. It was time to relax on the old Pimms and lemonade I wisely decided. Around 20mins later I was rudely handed a glass of G and T, what can you do? What indeed. None the less, I'm pleased to report my butt was promptly down at the station by 10.20am this morn. The pre-record was a lot of fun and a safe place to say a very stupid thing. Thankyou God for those who edit. For the hopefully more polished version of the tomfoolery you can tune in to Preston Fm next Saturday 13th June between 6-8pm or jump online at If however you feel inclined to listen to us live live and completely un-edited and typically likely to say a silly thing then check out our show this Thurs between 10-11am (going out at a suitabley not much listened to time I think).

I do hope I'm making up for yesterday's poor word count here but soon I need to get down with my pillow to the land of sleep and dreams. Let me leave you then with a pearl I came across on a new website: recommended to me today. There's a photograph section with a very cool shot with the words 'don't spend your time, invest it. Investing is cool' and I was like 'Yer, it is!'. It just spoke to me 'coz I think there are so many things pressing on our time, we just use it all up on short term pleasures but how often do we 'bank' our time, that we might one day reap the reward for doing so? In my case a whole load not enough I think. I do hope the stuff my head learns will quickly fall into my heart and other body parts so I will one day live out all this wisery. Until then, perhaps I shall continue blogging such stuff and tell myself it's the thought that counts ;)

Hello pillow.

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