Wednesday, 28 January 2009

To my faithful four

Followers, oh my goodness, imagine being me right now carrying the weight of the responsibility to lead the four of you down wonderous paths unknown - it's a responsibility to be sure but one I'm happy to shoulder as your leader....for surely the weight will not supress me, it will only make me stronger!

Truth is friends, I haven't really researched this blogging malarchy to know anything about blogging etiquette and the expected topic choices one might expect to find on such pages. But I think I like it better this way - if I know not the etiquette, I cannot be blamed for any misuse of this cyber space I intermitently inhabit. But I will try right now to not abuse it - it is after all keeping me in right brain space.

What then shall I say? except that I love you and goodnight....

.....I love you and goodnight x

Monday, 26 January 2009

To blog or not to blog?....that was the question

Ah, my very first blog of the year, of my life in fact. I like to think it momentous, though amongst the trillions held captive in cyber space right now, relatively speaking I suspect it's not. I guess for me, blogging is something I've wanted to delve into for a while now but for two very different reasons I've been putting it off. The first was this; does blogging suppose you have something to say that anyone would care to read and if so is there an arrogance in that? The very fact there is SO much that can be read, it seems bizzare to consider that people would give their time to reading that which I might spout, any of us little people might spout for that matter. But then I changed my mind, after all, those who know me well already suffer at the many ideas per minute I spout from my lips and maybe now before I get overly animated about them I shall say coldly with an air of superiority "regarding this matter, I'd like to refer you to my blog" ;)

Most of my thoughts, twiddles and musings to date have lived out their existence only in journals, the over used part of my brain and perhaps less so, the underused part of my good friend's brains. I would defo consider myself the great thinker amongst us (note: by this I mean over thinker. Compadres; your thoughts I am sure are of the highest callibre and are far more efficient than mine. Sharon, regretfully sister I don't count you among them ;)) So I figure if I start blogging I shall free up a little right brain space that I might not become a damn of wonderment, or indeed nonsense. And if my blogs are never read by a single soul, it will do my heart good to know that some of it got to seep out cyberward. Weirdly though, if noone ever does read this I am now writing to myself...but self know this "you are normal!"

The second reason for my dawdling, and might I say the more superficial one, was that I wanted to come up with a half memorable blogspot address. As it happened I chose 'This day we write' 'coz it just popped into my head moments before embarkation into the set up process. It's funny how stuff just comes up when you aren't thinking too hard aye. And yet I totally got where this train of thought came see my heart knows that 'the pen is mightier than the sword' and perhaps if more of us drew out our pens, we could kick some collective literary butt!! So this day I write, and maybe the next and the next and somewhere along the way maybe I'll 'cut you deep brother'.

So do read on and do be kind but remember also, regarding a good debate.....I'll take you all on!!