Thursday, 18 June 2009

Small spaces Big places

This evenings blog is lovingly typed from the miniture space my folks call an office. It may be likened to the room under the stairs which Harry Potter was banished to in his pre-Hogwart days. That's because it is the room under the stairs at their house. Genius use of space though it is, I'm not sure how the space cadet in me will fair. No expeditions to the moon tonight then. In fact, I have no idea where I'm going with this one but wherever it is, you're coming too.

Okay, so perhaps I just lied to anyone who stopped reading at the above line but the rest of you, climb on! For this eveningI should like to discuss a small nugget from the old time travel concept which got me thinking whilst watching Mr Spok and Captain Kirk last night. Now, I'm not going to lie to you; after the Ben and Jerry's icecream had me at hello, it was hard to recover the rest of the plot and I won't pretend I followed it all. However, I did pick up that James Kirk, having met his friend Spock in the future time (who was then an old man) was told by old Spock that he becomes Captain Kirk and leads the troops into space victory. James, obviously chuffed with this, still has to go back to real time and do the stuff, fight some stuff and get through some stuff before this can happen, but I think the fact he knew he already had the victory gave him confidence and strength and made him more of a risk taker. See where I'm going with this?

I think sometimes we (well, me at least) forget we already have the victory. That the plans we will walk into are good ones that will prosper us and not harm us if our trust is rightly placed. That as we're faithful in the small stuff, the bigger stuff will come; small acorns 'n' all that. And if we would just trust that although, unlike God, we cannot see the end from the beginning, He can and He's already told us the end of the story. And while I'd usually be hacked with anyone who does that or someone who gives you the result before you've watched the game, on this occasion I'm glad for the ending. In this case I can use it to fuel my going through and if that will make me a stronger, confident risk taker for the Almighty then look out Spocklings is all I can say!

And they all lived long and prospered.

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