Monday, 8 June 2009

More than the carpet...

I have heard it said that the only thing some people have in common with their work colleagues is the fact that they walk across the same piece of carpet every day. That and the fact you'd guess they shared the sameish career goals, though that mayn't even be the case I suppose. And I just find this all a bit sad and count myself not just a little bit blessed that I'm not one of them. You see, for the first time in my relatively short but probably overly-varied career, I can honestly say I enjoy the company of all my fellow colleagues; baristas, supervisors and manager. They all add something unique to the blend (see what I did there?). With discussions which can go from the stuff we've been watching and attempt to impersinate; 'flight of the concord', 'family guy' 'Bill Bailey' etc to boob jobs, selling your kidneys for cash and the daily debate of 'is this fruit toast too burnt to serve?' it makes for a whole lot of comedy and something of an open forum for creativity I think. That I can call my colleagues friends and not forgetting certain regular costomers who at the very least are quality acquaintances, is a joy ineed. In fact the customers often join in our random debates, or at least leave the counter with an ear to ear grin that says they've just been witness to the likely silliest thing they've heard all day. So I grant you, it's certainly not been the best paid job I've ever had or am likely to have but I like it and I like them and I'm happy for that. To my fellow 'buckyites - I thank you.

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