Sunday, 7 June 2009

The day of books

We all know coffee and books go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga dong... but not today my friends, not today. For sayeth I, Sunday should be a day for books alone, while coffee has its weekly day of rest. Books are at peace on Sunday, they don't need the break like coffee does. What I mean to say is, coffee and books can only be friends, real friends that is, when mutually appreciated by their owner. Today I suspect, though I speak only from the meagre perspective of a Starbucks barista, there was little space for that to happen. Jostling for tables amidst the cries of small children running hither and thither, is hardly conducive to the partnership into which I believe they were created. A sneaky loo break into Borders book store was like crossing a border from a war torn country into the restored Narnia - so very refreshing; you could just tell the books were loving it. In light of this, and because I am concerned for the future of the coffee/book friendship and their full enjoyment by their owner, can I politely suggest that on Sundays the two would be happier as would your lovely self if you would just opt for TAKE OUT....that way, we all win. Thankyou.

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