Thursday, 26 February 2009

What a difference a week makes......

Well my faithful four, it is with some sadness that I confess the utter lack of discipline I have worked hard to possess when it comes to actually blogging my thoughts webward. I mean, most people who are 'ideas people' at least have enough drive to get them onto paper or screen, even if they can't deliver their small brain children. Me? I not only fail to get to the delivery suite but entirely bypass the conception stage too. Darn it! perhaps the disciplined have more fun after all. Someday I'm gonna try it. Discipline I mean.

Anyway, on this rare occasion I felt led to share with you a strange turn of events that has led this Thursday to be so much sweeter than last Thursday. You see, last Thursday I believed I was poor and single to the extent that not even the open mic goodness or indeed the Gentleman rave up could keep my bottom lip from scraping along the floor. Indeed, there was a truth of sorts behind this belief in that, yes, it turns out I am on one level both these things. But a level my friends, I have come to cast aside. For on my new and very much clearer level it turns out I am, in fact, rich and attached. Yes, you did read right. I am rich because George Bailey, of 'It's a wonderful Life' fame, reminds me so. If he who has friends is rich, I my good ones, am truly minted. And on the issue of men, why have I considered the attachment to one of the male species something to be so esteemed that I am in someway a lesser girl human without one? Well, I see now I'm not. A lesser girl human I mean. The affections of the Mars inhabitors can only go so far. When it comes to true romance, it's the heavenly one that's on it (sorry Paddy, on this occasion not you brother). The 'Jesus is my home boy' t-shirt has got competion coz t-shirt, He's mine too, mine I tell ya. But of course, with you my followers I'm happy to share. Enjoy Him (but not like Coke). Me x

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