Wednesday, 28 January 2009

To my faithful four

Followers, oh my goodness, imagine being me right now carrying the weight of the responsibility to lead the four of you down wonderous paths unknown - it's a responsibility to be sure but one I'm happy to shoulder as your leader....for surely the weight will not supress me, it will only make me stronger!

Truth is friends, I haven't really researched this blogging malarchy to know anything about blogging etiquette and the expected topic choices one might expect to find on such pages. But I think I like it better this way - if I know not the etiquette, I cannot be blamed for any misuse of this cyber space I intermitently inhabit. But I will try right now to not abuse it - it is after all keeping me in right brain space.

What then shall I say? except that I love you and goodnight....

.....I love you and goodnight x


  1. The task of a leader is to empower others. They enable growth and learning and inspire others to become confident leaders in their own right.

    With that in mind, may you always be covered in the dust of your Rabbi.

  2. Thanks....I feel suitably covered, covered am I, just look at me - I'm so covered it hurts!